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Discover what current college students said about their transition to college in our video room and consider becoming involved today as a YTN Ambassador.



The Youth Transition Network is a coalition of youth, college and military ministries working together to motivate, prepare and connect students to their next spiritual home.

YTN offers new preparation and motivation tools annually that churches and parents can use to encourage their students to connect for life.  Please view the video of college students talking about their transition. It is powerful and motivates students to seek out ministries and Christian roommates before they leave home.  

This video is part of a Be Prepared session that helps students address and discuss the reasons they leave the church and understand the challenges they will face when leaving home. 

We are asking parents to come alongside their youth leaders to host a one evening Be Prepared session in their home. is our collaborative site designed for students. LiveAbove is designed to meet what research indicates are their three greatest challenges when Christian students leaving home:

  • Friendships
  • Roommates
  • Finding a church or ministry to fit into
Today LiveAbove has 4,700 ministries on over 3,000 campuses for students to interact with online.  Facilitating healthy, Christian connections significantly reduces the likelihood that the stress and temptations of a new environment will draw your students away from the Lord.

does leaving home need to equal leaving one's faith as well?

College often becomes a spiritual graveyard for many Christian students… a place where they wander from their faith.  The Assemblies of God denomination has concluded that they are losing 66% of their youth leading up to, and following, high school graduation. Culture shock, loneliness, a party environment and peer pressure result in students leaving their family foundations when on their own.

For many of our youth, this is the first time all of their God-given needs go unmet: to be loved, accepted and fit into a group. When our students leave home alone with no established connection to Christian roommates, godly friends or college ministries they lose the accountability and the balance provided by these vital relationships.  >>>

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