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Preparation for Graduation

Through our interviews with hundreds of high school graduates who have left home we have identified a number of factors that these young people often say they wish they had been ready for. These issues include:

Setting priorities
Managing time
Managing money
Vastly different social pressures

The true preparation challenge comes from our interviews with high school seniors who as they sit in their homes unanimously believe leaving home will be easy and cannot wait for the day. As a result, they see no need to prepare before leaving home, resulting in all these forces surprising them; often taking them down different paths, that they and their parents could not have predicted!

YTN has developed preparation resources that use recent high school graduates stories to shake students out of the mindset that leaving home is easy and a whole bunch of fun. When these videos are combined with teaching around the issues we find that it opens discussions between youth leaders & teens and more importantly between parents & their teens (in a non-threatening way). We encourage leaders and parents to allow every student to set their own goals for each area as we have found that none of them have a deep desire to fail; they just have not thought through all they are up against before they leave the comfort and relative safety of our homes.

Click here to view our preparation resources.

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