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YTN helps parents and churches address the loss of youth by conducting research, executing training, providing resources, and helping connect high school seniors to ministries before they leave home. Learn more >

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YTN's research examines the reasons teens withdraw from their parents and youth ministry as they move towards independence; helping to address a variety of issues impacting teens. Learn more >
Based upon our research we have developed resources for parents and churches addressing: parenting teens, rebooting teen’s faith, and preparing them for life. Learn more >
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YTN has assembled a site that enables students to investigate and connect with over 4,700 ministries on 3,000 campuses before they graduate. Connect today!
YTN needs volunteers across the country who understand how important keeping our youth is to the church and our nation. You can make a difference by talking with parents, Christian schools and churches abut YTN. Learn More>

The transition from parenting kids to leading teens is a difficult one in our culture. But there is still hope! Learn More>

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Spanish and German Language and Religion


Religion has constantly influenced the spread of languages, although many people don't think about it. It is less often thought about why a language has become popular and whether it is easy to learn. If you too are wondering “Is German or Spanish easier to learn?”. Answer here - Knowledge of languages is an essential tool not only for communication but also for career prospects.

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