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Youth Transition Network Research

Are Those that Leave the Church Believers?

Today we often hear that a key factor behind the loss of youth is that many of the students in our youth groups are not genuine believers. As we interacted with teens in youth groups we were surprised by the large percentage that was feeling guilty and unsuccessful in their faith. This indicating to us that they were believers who had lost heart rather then those who had not come to genuine faith. (Read More)

Parent Teen Research

Through our discussions with teens we have found reason to call into question our cultural conclusion that it is impossible to have a good relationship with your teen while having a lasting influence upon the direction of their lives. In our interviews with high school and college students we found that the ones who did best when they left home were the ones who had a good relationship with their parents. (Read More)

Youth Ministry Culture Research

In our interviews with youth ministry leaders and high school students we found that there is a significant drop off in the attendance and involvement of high school juniors and seniors in youth ministries. Some attribute this to driver's licenses and jobs. We decided to look deeper. We found that many students were carrying a sense of failure and or guilt stemming from a cultural issue within the youth group. Many youth reported to us that the peer pressure in their ministry or Christian school highly esteems those that have the most "worldly" or sin experience. (Read More)

Preparation and Transition Research

Through our interviews with college students who have made the transition we learned a great deal. 90% of those we talked with did not know the name of a single college ministry or church that worked with their age group when they arrived at college. Further many felt overwhelmed by stress and loneliness upon leaving home causing them to be susceptible to activities that would help them escape the discomfort, highlighting the need to help our graduates be ready for the change and stress that is headed their way. (Read More)

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